MUSICIAN and ARTIST economies on OPB radio’s “State of Wonder”

Broadcast February 22 and archived online for eternity.

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ZOE KEATING’S 1 and 2Q streaming revenue

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"I think I’ve stopped caring, but here is a new public spreadsheet w/ my streaming revenue for 1st half of 2013 


We are looking forward to attending Cash Music’s first summit August 1, 2013.

Sekou Sundiata

”Living in the aftermath of 9/11, I feel an urgent and renewed engagement with what it means to be an American. But that engagement is a troubling one because of a long-standing estrangement between American civic ideals and American civic practice. This project is my response to this reality. I take it as a civic responsibility to think about these things out loud, in the ritualized forum of theater and public dialogue.” —Sekou Sundiata

Record Store Day- Make sure your music releases count

Last year there were some glitches with the SoundScan reporting of sales of Record Store Day (RSD) releases and a large portion of RSD sales were kicked out of the SoundScan system. The Record Store Day folks want to avoid these glitches this year so Nielson Entertainment is working with RSD to help by-pass these problems. As the music industry is constantly changing and consumers are being introduced to new products which consist of exclusive digital versions, deluxe LP kits or exclusive bundles to celebrate an event such as the Holidays and Record Store Day, Nielsen needs the help of you, the label, and your distributor.  In order for Nielsen Entertainment to make sure everything is accounted for accurately they rely on information from their retail, label, industry associations, distributors and management partners.  They are asking that any exclusive products for any special period of time to be provided 2-4 weeks in advance with the following details:

1)      Title

2)      Artist

3)      UPC(s)

4)      Format (CD, LP, Deluxe, Bundle, Video)

5)      Total manufactured

6)      List of retailers receiving product (From your distributor)

7)      Quantity received by each retailer (from your distributor)

8)      Release Date

9)      Purpose of product (i.e. Record Store Day, Holiday, Black Friday, Retailer Exclusive)

10)   Exclusive to that retailer or independents (Y/N)

If you only have one product to register that falls within the category of seasonal promotion, you can also visit Nielsen’s online title registration tool and notify and that it’s an exclusive  product with the aforementioned details.

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Arts in Schools

On Tuesday, Portland approved the Arts Education and Access Fund Initiative generating approximately $ 12 million to fund arts education in grades K-12. Thanks to all the area musicians who endorsed the measure.

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